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Furthering Financial Success through Education

What does 'success' mean to you? No matter your goals, a strong financial foundation is key to success.  That's where FWI comes in. We offer one-on-one coaching  and group workshops to give you all the tools you need for a brighter financial future. We believe that by uplifting any one individual, we are strengthening the fabric of our communities. As a partner in your financial success, FWI brings longstanding relationships with area nonprofits and financial institutions that can also serve you. And yes, all our services and workshops are available at no cost to you. Take a look at where we can help you go…



We’re stronger together. Workshops at FWI bring you together with your community to learn about budgeting, building credit, buying a home, starting a business, and a range of other vital topics for your financial wellbeing. Our workshops are led by local professionals who can share their real-world expertise on topics that matter to you. Join us to help build a community that's focused on a better, bolder financial future for us and our children. You can register for any FWI workshop at no cost.


Financial Coaching

Financial stability opens doors. It turns dreams into reality. It lets you worry less and sleep more easily. FWI can help you get there. FWI has free resources for you to gain financial skills that you'll rely on every day. With FWI's experienced guidance, you can work to reduce your debt, improve your credit, establish a nest egg, and own your own home. For your kids, for your health, for your own peace of mind, contact FWI today and hear how we can help you to secure your future.

Financial Coaching

Housing Development

There is nothing like the feeling of having a place to call home. Let FWI guide you every step of the way, from basic education to a customized action plan to achieve housing stability. Through our USDA Rural Development Self-Help Housing Program, you may be able to move into your own home with no money down and money to help cover the cost of the house and necessary repairs. Through our REsolution Housing Development Program, you may be able to purchase a home or rent an apartment. Let FWI help you find a home which you can afford.

Housing Development

Small Business Development

If you crave the freedom and opportunity of owning a business, FWI can lend a hand. Our experienced coaches provide entrepreneurs and new or existing small business owners with technical assistance to address common issues. Through business education and one-on-one coaching, we will help you master business basics, develop a solid business plan, and identify resources to grow your business. Contact FWI to get on the path to a secure future as a proud business owner. 

Small Business Development

Career Services

Your financial future is happening now, every week with every paycheck. Of course, the bigger the paycheck, the greater the opportunity you have to create more security for you and your family. FWI is here for you. Contact FWI’s experienced team, and together, we can develop a plan to get you on the road to higher earnings and a brighter future.

Career Services
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