Strengthening families. Strengthening communities.


The Financial Wellness Institute (FWI) is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, headquartered in Deptford, New Jersey, serving the Delaware Valley area. Chartered in 2003, FWI supports financial growth, not only on an individual level but at a communal level. The organization based its philosophy on equipping, strengthening, and building individuals, emboldening them to make confident financial decisions. In doing so, the ripple effect from these individuals strengthens, empowers, and builds the surrounding community.

Using an integrated bundle of educational services, the Institute is recognized for its strategic holistic approach.  FWI provides a supportive environment for family enrichment and capacity building through a diverse network of practitioners and advocates from academia, government entities, social service agencies and the private sector. Together, the FWI network provides services to thousands of individuals and organizations across the region.

Our services “meet the clients where they are” in the life-cycle and are designed to strengthen families by listening to their needs and intensifying services as necessary. We aim to strengthen lives in a way that encourages our clients to make short and long-term commitments to increase their income, decrease expenses, acquire assets and obtain affordable housing. Our objective is to shift our clients from a state of vulnerability to economic stability, empowering them to be strong providers for themselves, their families, and their communities.


'Strengthening Families. Strengthening Communities.'

At FWI, we empower, educate and energize clients of all ages to expand their financial capability, improve their financial well-being, and build wealth for the future. Our mission is to strengthen individuals and families, empowering communities toward economic stability.


‘Furthering Financial Success through Education.’


FWI believes that the financial competency of individuals, families and communities can be fostered and developed by weaving and implementing financial education programs and services into the community. Our vision is to empower individuals and families to make sound financial decisions that lead to financial independence and sustainability for a lifetime—building wealth for their future and the future of their communities.


FWI is rooted deeply in the philosophy of community empowerment through personal growth and enrichment.

We believe that every individual, equipped with the right tools, has the ability to achieve success and build wealth for their future.


We believe that knowledge is free and boundless to those who constantly seek understanding; increasing their capacity to learn, develop skills, and embody confidence.


We believe that sound management of personal finances is key to help individuals and families prevent and resolve financial crises, while promoting a healthy economic environment.


We believe that increased financial literacy equips individuals and families to take effective action, making informed decisions regarding the current and future use and management of money.


At FWI, our main initiatives are to:

  • Increase awareness of and access to financial programs and resources

  • Foster partnerships and collaborations to strengthen the effectiveness of financial education outreach

  • Integrate core financial competencies into effective financial education services and programs

  • Identify, enhance and share best practices